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Thread: Trump to verify some 250 companies that used H!B workers

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    Cool Trump to verify some 250 companies that used H!B workers

    Today Trump starts to clean up the H!B abuse, where corporations bring in cheap labor and calls it H1B visa skilled workers.
    Let's see how many corporations are banned from doing business in USA.
    Tata and Infosys are two of the largest indian consulting corporations that needs to be banned.
    Also the large american corporations that use H1B illegally, should be banned from government work for at least 6 years.

    I just heard that in DC area there were romanian "electricians" that came in on H1B visa, which is a fraud. They should be banned
    for good from USA.
    Also all the lawyers and consulting corporations involved in illegal visa abuse, should lose their jobs for ever. Once a crook, always a crook.

    I am waiting to see the work visa reformated, and maybe some hefty fines for visa abuse.
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