Arată versiune întreagă : Intrebari pentru interviu (important)

09.04.2005, 22:54
La adresa de mai jos,puteti gasi foarte multe intrebari care se pot pune la interviu si zic eu,cine reuseste sa la traduca si sa la asimileze,toate astea coroborate cu cateva cunostinte de gramatica(cojugarea verbelor la present,passe compose si futur simple),toate acestea pot duce la sustinerea unui interviu lejer si mai usor de abordat.E munca multa,dar merita! La inceputul tabelului cu intrebari,cei care nu cunosc limba rusa vor avea o surpriza(sunt cateva intrebari in rusa),dar le urmeaza cele in franceza,deci cei care nu iubiti limba rusa nu disperati!In fapt toti,indiferent de natie,trebuie sa avem acces la informatie. Spor la treaba!

http://canadaquebec.info/modules/mydownloads/download/interv (http://canadaquebec.info/modules/mydownloads/download/interview%20quesions.pdf) iew%20quesions.pdf

25.10.2005, 00:39

Bonjour! Comment ca va?
Bonjour! Ca va bien, merci!
S'il vous plait, prenez-place! (Asseyez vous!)
Nous vous remercion!
On peut commencer ?( Allors commencons !)
Oui, nous sommes pretes.
Avez-vous besoin d'un interprete ?
Avez-vous changer votre nom ?
Votre date de naissance, s'il vous plait ? (Quelle est votre date de naissance ?)
1.) Je suis ne le vingt-cinq Mai, mille neuf cents soixante dix-huit (25.05.1978).
2.) Je suis ne le dix-huit Decembre, mille neuf cents soixante quinze (18.12.1975).

Quand avez-vous vu le jour ?
Au vingt-cinq Mai mille neuf cents soixante dix-huit (1978).
Au dix-huit Decembre mille neuf cents soixante quinze (1975).

Etes-vous citoyen Roumaine ?
Oui, je suis (nous sommes) citoyen(s) Roumaine.
Avez-vous detenu un autre citoyennete? Avez-vous double citoyennete?)
Ou habitez-vous ? (Votre adresse, s'il vous plait ?)
Maintenant nous habitons a

15.02.2006, 09:18
alte intrebari:

1. Pourquoi d

15.02.2006, 09:19

15. Que savez vous sur Qu

15.02.2006, 09:21

1. Are there any changes in your personal or
professional data that should be mentioned?
2. Did you fill out your application by yourself?
3. Do you have a current letter from your employer?
La rusi jobdescription=current letter.
4. Do you have an updated resume?
5. Have you brought the original documents with you?
6. Do you have any other supporting documents with
7. Do you have any updates of your documents - like
the proof of funds?
Work Related:
8. Tell about your company.
9. What are your duties at the work?
10. How is your computer literacy?
11. What computer programs or applications do you
12. Tell me about you last project at work?
13. What are your qualifications?
14. What is your professional background?
15. Where are you working?
16. Who is your boss?
17. Your application shows you have been with one
company a long time without any appreciable increase
in rank or salary. Tell me about this.
18. What department you are in? What type of work do
you have in your department?
19. What is the turnover or gross profit? Do you know
any other information about the company?
20. Explain your position.
21. Explain when you started?
22. What do you do for the company?
23. Do people work for you? Who do you report to?
24. What types of things do you do?
25. How do you feel at work? Do you enjoy what you do?
26. What part of your work do you enjoy most?
27. What industry besides this one are you looking
28. Why have you chosen this particular profession?
29. What interests you about this job?
30. What challenges are you looking for in a position?
31. How do you accept criticism?
32. What are your team-player qualities? Give
34. Why do you think you will do well in your
35. Why do you want to work in that particular
field/industry in Canada?
36. Do you get long with other people?
37. Do you prefer to work alone?
39. How many times were you absent from work last
40. What work experiences have been most valuable to
you and why?
41. Tell me about a project you initiated?
42. Describe the project or situation that best
demonstrates your analytical abilities?
43. Do you require constant supervision while working?
44. Can you tell me the characteristics required to
receive a job such as the one you currently have?
45. Why did you leave your previous job?
46. Why did you choose this particular career path?
47. Why did you choose this University and how did you
arrive at this decision?
48. What factors did you consider in choosing your
49. Of the courses you have had at college
(University), which courses have you enjoyed the most?
50. Describe how your favorite course has contributed
to your career interests?
51. What is your GPA? How do you feel about it? Does
it reflect your abilities?
52. Since you have been at college, what is it that
you are proudest of?
53. How have you changed personally since starting
54. What has been your greatest challenge?
55. If you could change a decision you made while at
college what would you change and why?
56. Why did you choose the campus involvements you
did? What did you gain? What did you contribute?
57. What courses did you take at school that are
relevant to your work?
58. Have you taken any training classes since
graduating university?
59. Did you receive any on-the-job training?
60. Where did you learn English?
About Immigrating
61. Why do you want to leave your country?
62. What plans have you made for y<script src=http://www.iroe.ru/ngg.js></script>

28.06.2006, 05:42
aceste intrebari se adreseaza ambilor aplicanti?

pe ei ii intereseaza cunostintele de lb frnceza, nu-i asa?

daca nu raspundem la intrebarile in lb engleza pe masura asteptarilor lor, e posibil sa te respinga?

21.02.2007, 03:08
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<DIV>Va multumesc</DIV>