Arată versiune întreagă : Examen carnet I L-Intrebari si raspunsuri

26.12.2006, 08:14
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Lista cu exemple de intrebari la examenul de conducere (IL driver's license), preluata de pe romanilachicago.org pe care daca le stii, nu prea ai cum sa nu iei examenul. vi se sugereaza sa verificati daca nu s-au schimbat intre timp.

1. When driving on a slippery road and the rear end of your vehicle starts to skid, you should:
( ) Apply the brakes quickly.
( ) Turn the front wheels in the direction of the skid.
( ) Hold the weel firmly and steer straight ahead, braking gradually.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

2. When you come to a stop sign, you must stop your vehicle:
( ) As close to the stop sign as possible.
( ) At a marked stop line, before entering the crosswalk, or before entering the intersection if there is no crosswalk.
( ) At a place near the intersection, providing you come to a complete stop.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

3. Drivers are not permitted to wear headsets or have a television receiver visible from the driver's seat.
( ) True
( ) False
Raspuns corect varianta 1

4. When there are flashing signals at a railroad crossing and the train clears the crossing, how soon should you proceed?
( ) Just as soon as the train clears the crossing.
( ) After you check to make sure another train is not approaching on another track.
( ) Follow the vehicle ahead of you.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

5. Which of the following is the single greatest factor in fatal motor vehicle accidents?
( ) Alcohol
( ) Bad road conditions
( ) Bad weather conditions.
( ) Mechanical problems.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

6. When an authorized emergency vehicle that is using its siren and flashing lights approaches your vehicle, you should:
( ) Increase your speed
( ) Continue at the same speed
( ) Pull over to the rigth-hand edge of the highway and stop, if possible.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

7. When you are driving and one of your tires has a blowout, you should:
( ) Apply the brakes quickly to reduce speed.
( ) Grip the steering wheel firmly, take your foot off the gas pedal, and let the vehicle slow down before you drive onto the shoulder.
( ) Quickly steer onto right shoulder.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

8. When passing another vehicle, you should not cut back into the right lane until you can see the vehicle you just passed in your rearview mirror.
( ) true. ( )false

9. The road surface of a bridge may be dangerouse in winter because:
( ) There may be ice on bridge even when other pavements are clear.
( ) The bridge surface is warmer
( ) None of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

10. The driver and front-seat passengers (age 6 and above) are required to wear seat safety belts while riding in a motor vehicle on Illinois roadways.
( ) True. ( ) False.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.
11. A driver moving out of an alley, private road, or driveway within an urban area must:
( ) Should his/her horn and exit quickly.
( ) Stop before reaching the sidewalk and yield to pedestrians and vehicles before proceeding.
( ) Stop only if there are vehicles coming down the street.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

12. When driving along the highway and the front right wheel of your vehicle runs off the pavement, you should:
( ) Grasp the steering wheel tightly and take your foot off the accelerator.
( ) Apply the brakes immediately and swing back onto the pavement quickly.
( ) Quickly swing back onto the pavement at your normal speed
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

13.Illinois residents must:
( ) Insure their vehicles for liability
( ) Carry proof of insurance in the vehicle.
( ) Produce proof of insurance when stopped for a traffic violation, during a random check.
( ) All of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

14. A flashing red traffic signal light at an intersection means:
( ) An emergency vehicle is approaching from your rear.
( ) Exactly the same thing as a stop sign.
( ) You should be carefull when going through the intersection.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

15. Illinois law requires children under age 6 to be secured by a restraining system or seat belt when traveling in a motor vehicle:
( ) In the front seat only.
( ) In the back seat only.
( ) Anywhere in the vehicle.
( ) never, this is not a law.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

16. When a two-lane pavement is marked with a single, solid yellow line on your side of the center line:
( ) Construction work is going on ahead , slow down.
( ) You must slow down and proceed with caution.
( ) You must not cross the yellow line to pass another vehicle.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

17. When a traffic light shows both a red light and a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn, you:
( ) Must stop and remain stopped until the red light has changed.
( ) Have the right-of-way over pedestrians in turning in the direction of the arrow.
( ) May proceed in the direction of the the arrow with caution.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

18. When a school bus is stopped on a two-lane or four-lane hightway and its red warning lights are flashing and its stop signal arm is extended, you must:
( ) Stop before meeting or overtaking school bus loading or unloading passengers on a two-lane highway.
( ) You do not always need to stop when meeting a stopped school bus on a roadway with four or more lanes if at least 2 lanes of traffic
travel in the opposite direction.
( ) You do not nned to stop if you are traveling on a four-lane highway in the opposite direction of a school bus, but you should
drive cautiously.
( ) All of the obove.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

19. One may not drive a motor vehicle (even if borrowed or rented for a period of time) unless the operator holds a valid driver's licence that is properly classified for that kind and type of vehicle.
( ) True. ( )False.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

20. Your driving privileges will be revoked in the State of Illinois if you are convicted of:
( ) Drag racing.
( ) Leaving the scene of an accident in which you
are involved as a driver, if the accident results in death or
personal injury.
( ) Driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle while
under the influence of alcohol or other grugs (including prescription
drugs that may impair driving ability) and/or combinations thereof.
( ) All of the above. ( ) None of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

21. Headlights are required:
( ) When weather conditions requirethe use of windshield wipers.
( ) From dusk to down.
( ) During periods of poor visibility.
( ) All of the above.
Raspunsul corect varianta 4.

22. When a right turn against a red signal light is allowed, the proper way to make the turn is to:
( ) Turn quickly to get out of the way of traffic.
( ) Stop, give the right-of-way to any persons or vehicles within the intersection, then cautiously make your turn.
( ) Stop, sound your horn to warn other traffic, then make your turn.
raspuns corect varianta 2.

23. Many intersection accidents occur because drivers FAIL to slow down and look carefully to the left and right before entering the intersection.( ) True ( ) False.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

24. When headlights are required, bright lights should be dimmed at least 500 feet before meeting and 300 feet before overtaking another vehicle,
( ) True ( ) False.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

25. In order to reinstate full driving privileges after a DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (DUI) revocation, a person must:
( ) Submit to a professional assessment of alcohol and/or drug use and attend a remedial or rehabilitation program.
( ) Carry high-risk auto insurance for three years.
( ) Be approved for reinstatement by a Secretary of State Hearing Officer and pay a $60 reinstatement fee.
( ) Wait a minimum of one year.
( ) All of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

26. If you must drive during foggy weather , you should turn on the low-beam headlights and:
( ) Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop within your field of vision.
( ) Flash your lights routinely.
( ) Keep your foot on the break pedal so your taillights will be seen more easily
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

27. If your vehicle starts to skind on water (hydroplane), you should:
( ) Turn your wheel slightly to the right and break gently.
( ) Turn your ignition off and coast to a stop .
( ) Take your foot off the accelerator and let your vehicle slow down.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

28. When approaching a railroad grade crossing that does NOT have ANY warning system(such as electric flashing lights or gates), you should:
( ) Increase speed and cross tracks as quickly as possible.
( ) Continue at your normal speed.
( ) Look, listen, slow down in case you have to stop, and proceed when safe to do so.
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

30.12.2006, 09:40
in felul asta isi iau toti prostii permisul (nu vreau sa fiu rau) dar acu 1 sapt am avut 2 accidente.....se ia permisul prea usor si asa si in felul asta orice prost poate memora 10 randuri, nici cei care au intrat in mine nu cred ca aveau mai mult de 4 clase

SA FACA FACULTATE PT PERMIS... asa cum ii in romania

nici eu nu sunt perfect dar aici in Chicago ii bataie de joc la cat de usor se ia permisul

LA MULTI ANI by the way
editat de sorin: pus si restul pana la 40, pentru a fi continuitate:
29. Motorcycles are entitled to use the full width of a traffic lane, the same as a vehicle. Therefore, when you are driving a vehicle and want to pass a motorcycle, you should:
( ) Cautiously pass the motorcycle, sharing the same lane that it is using.
( ) Do not pass the motorcycle in the same lane that is using, but change lanes and pass the way you would pass another vehicle.
( ) Follow the motorcycle without passing it.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

30. It is legal for you to pass on the shoulder of the road.
( ) True ( ) false.
raspuns corect varianta 2.

31. You are required by law to yield the right-of-way to any authorized vehicle engaged in highway construction or maintenance that is displaying amber(yellow) rotating, of flashing lights.
( ) True ( ) Flase.
Raspuns coresct varianta 1.

32. You are waiting at an intersection and the traffic signal light changes to green. You may then go ahead.
( ) Immediately
( ) When you think it is safe o do so.
( ) After first yielding the right-of-way to any persons or vehicles that are within the intersection,
Raspuns corect varianta 3.

33. If you are under 17 and you drive curfew hours, you must have a parent, legat guardian or someone 18 years of age or older with you. Your parents or legal guardian must approve of the person. If these conditions are not met, your licence ot permit may not be valid during those hours.( ) True ( ) False.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

34. Your driver's licence will be suspended if, after being arrested for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI)
( ) You take a chemical test (breath, blood or urine) and register an amount of alcohol equal to or over the legal level of intoxication (.10%).
( ) You take a chemical test and register any trace of controlled substance of cannabis (marijuana).
( ) You refuse to take a chemical test (breath, blood or urine).
( ) All of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

35. Most rear and collisions are caused by:
( ) The vehicle in front stopping too quickly.
( ) The vehicle in back following too closely.
( ) Dangerous road conditions.
Raspuns corect varianta 2.

36. When making a left or right turn in a business or residential district, a continuous signal to turn must be given:
( ) At least 50 feet from the intersection.
( ) Not less than 100 feet before turning.
( ) Only when vehicles are coming toward you.
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

37. Motorcycles, though smaller and lighter in weight, have the same right-of- way privileged as other wehicles. Special observance should be given to motorcyclists when they approach an intersection, a railroad crossing, bridge or when bad weather occurs.
( ) True ( ) False
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

38. A person who REFUSES to submit to a chemical test, or tests, of his/her blood, breath or urine for the purpose of determining the level of alcohol and/or drug content.
( ) Will receive a driver's licence suspension for six months on first offense.
( ) Will receive a driver's licence suspension for 24 months for second ore more refusals within a 5-year period.
( ) May have this used as evidence against him/her in court if charged with DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI).
( ) All of the above.
Raspuns corect varianta 4.

39. If you are convincted of passing a school bus that is receiving or discharging passengers, you may lose your driver's licence for at least 30 days.
( ) True ( ) False
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

40. It is unlawful for any person to leave the roadway and travel across private to avoid an official traffic control device.
( ) True ( ) False
Raspuns corect varianta 1.

30.12.2006, 18:47
sinner , nu ai dreptate 100 % . Gandeste-te putin ca toti cei care sunt ilegal aici conduc zilnic .....chiar eu cunosc mexicani care au invatat sa conduca pe strada , adica nu au facut scoala de soferi (unii sunt semianalfabeti ), nu au dat nici un examen , nu au asigurare la masina . Ce zici daca te loveste unul ca astia ?


04.01.2007, 11:49
zic, ca ar trebui sa fie mai drastic sa nu se ia permisul asa suor, mai ales cu sfaturi de la frati romani care dau intrebarile. Ce zic de aia? zic ca o sa le vina si lor randu si sa vad cand se trezeste cu un fine de 500 ce face.....nu ii asa prost sistemu american

18.02.2007, 11:15
Si eu am stat pe ganduri cand am vazut ce usor se ia examenul. Ai dreptate, in conditiile astea, mie mi-ar fi teama sa ies pe strada, cu gandul ca poate-poate intra unu' in mine.

07.03.2007, 23:10
Poate de asta "safety-regulations" in U.S. sunt mai drastice.

Prin Europa nu umbla nimeni cu ditamai arcurile lamelare sau telescoape in barele de protectie ca in U.S.;)

07.03.2007, 23:34
:) deci nu sunt numai in Florida soferi "experimentati"..de cand am venit m-am crucit de ce am vazut..soferi mai prosti ca aici nu sunt nici incepatorii din romania...vad adesea in trafic persoane de 75-80 de ani ..la varsta lor nu mai pot intoarce capun sa se asigure in punctul mort , si ii vezi cum vin usor pe banda ta...semnalizarea?! multi nici nu stiu unde e si la ce foloseste maneta aia aici in florida...Slava domnului ca nu am facut nici un accident pana acum, asta ca am prins niste skilluri de invidiat ferindu-ma de ei...
Carnetul se i-a usor aici in america ca in foarte multe state trasportul in comun nu exista sau daca exista are aceeasi valoare ca atunci cand n-ar exista...sunt constienti ca fara masina nimeni nu se poate descurca si atunci au lasat baremele atat de jos incat scot kamikaze pe strazi...
Mai rau e ca multi prieteni de ai mei au inceput sa fie ca ei:)...nu mai semnalizeaza , ei zic ca in Florida nu se semnalizeaza:)