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17.08.2006, 05:20
www.romanianmonasteries.org (http://www.romanianmonasteries.org) is a site about the unique and rich cultural heritage of Bucovina and Maramures monasteries, churches, architecture, frescoes, wall paintings, icons that are a testimony to the faith of former times. It is also about its exceptionally hospitable people.
Unique not only because of the great amount of information that it offers, but also because of its high quality, this idea of this site came from the fact that no other site describes, in so simple but exhaustive a manner, what the paintings show or what was their meaning when they were created.
One of a kind both from the point of view of the quantity of information that it offers, and from the point of view of its quality, this site represents a useful tool for the tourists eager to find out more details about the region of Bucovina and Maramures. At present no other web page, Romanian or foreign, gives more detailed, more accurate and more accessible information about the two regions.

contact@romanianmonasteries.org (contact@romanianmonasteries.org)