Arată versiune întreagă : helpful ways to release stress...

18.01.2005, 18:33
Help here ok?

18.01.2005, 18:54
Chess is the name...and I love it........

18.01.2005, 19:00

I move a white day,

He moves a black day,

I go forward with a dream,

He takes it in the war.

He attackes my lungs,

I think for an year at the hospital,

I make a brilliant combination,

And win from him a black day.

He moves a misfortune

And threatens me with Cancer.

But I place a book in front him,

And make him draw back.

I win more pieces from him,

But look, half of my life

Is taken, and sits on the sideboard.

"I'll check you and you'll lose your optimism" he says to me.

"IT DOESN'T MATTER",I joke,"I'll castle my feelings."

Behind me, my family and my good friends

Tremble for each of my movements.

I light a cigarette......and contiue the game....

18.01.2005, 19:03
"Everybody has their ups and downs, so I decided to have mine between good& great."