Arată versiune întreagă : H-1 Cap Reached on May 26, 2006!

13.06.2006, 20:43
The USCIS announced on <st1:date year="2006" day="1" m&#111;nth="6">June 1, 2006</st1:date> that the regular H-1 cap for Fiscal Year 2007
(FY2007) was reached on <st1:date year="2006" day="26" m&#111;nth="5">May 26, 2006</st1:date>.
Those cases properly filed with the USCIS before the 26th are safe, with
respect to the cap, as there are enough cap numbers for these cases. Cases that
reached the USCIS on May 26th are in an uncertain situation and will be subject
to a random selection process, as there are enough numbers for some, but not
all of the May 26th cases. Any regular cap-subject cases received after May
26th will be rejected entirely.This information does NOT impact advanced degree
cases, for which cap numbers are still available.

Futher details visit: http://www.desiclassifieds.com