Arată versiune întreagă : Science Fiction cu Ovidiu Bufnila

Ovidiu Bufnila
08.02.2006, 03:41
When the drops of the night sizzled on famous Magicoon's forehead, NASA recorded the first speed slowing and China was covered by a vapor, the Russians lost their submarines into a virtual bag and Magicoon the Magician declared for the first time the principle of One who multiplied Himself bewildering the secret services and taking by surprise the philosophers of the Weimar school, the president of Nepal saw his lizard growing long and turning into a magic circle and Hoba Buba, the jazz singer from the United Nations succeeded the longest octave in the music tales history, the ozone layer turned into a stargate and Barishnikoff, the first physicist in Russia, made peace with Elvin, the first physicist in America, the Gian Mora hurricane stood still in a sculptural formation stolen by the Corsican brigands, Europe broke in two following an eschatological script made up by the Jesuits, princess Margaret got lost inside a silver cloud and important members of the Tin Party found themselves arrested in a Salvadorian painting , the twilight from Malta ran in a great speed towards Borneo burning the forests of tropical, Magicoon proclaimed the Principle of the Saturation while the German physicists published the Exophysical Bulla from the Seventh Passing of the Bantuliasan comet, the whole planet started a rapid process of slowing down and the artillerists' chorus from Kursk also stood still in a minor scale, we're losing speed, the Japanese emperor would have whispered calling his secret samurai , slowly, slowly, the words spread out, the language lost its color, the statues crashed, the oceans evaporated, the satellite on duty crashed too, the first Sound of the Universe was heard from all the corners of the energetic patterns and the magnetic fields coiled up in a ball. And then the Voice of Politics was heard.

Ovidiu Bufnila
08.02.2006, 03:42
In the nightfall, the armourer was visited by an old knight who ordered him a fire weapon, in great secret.
The armourer, who worked in full confidence, when getting the job done, slipped in the iron of the weapon a drop of his own blood, after a recipe from the Far East.
A few days later, the old knight arrived wrapped in a black mantle and he let one thousand golden coins drop on the table, this being the armourer's reward for his confidence.
At dawn, the old knight hidden behind a bush, shot his wife's lover while the latter was sneaking out of the park of the castle.
An apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci, completely troubled of the happening, would tell him the secret of his failure. Because, due to certain unknown powers, the moon attraction had swerved the bullet, thrusting it into the chest of the poor armourer who was sleeping in his small workshop.

Ovidiu Bufnila
17.03.2007, 00:33
“My name is Magicien! And who are you, punk? Are you the pathetic wise man from Takla Makan? Is it you who are withstanding the priestess Enciclope? What? Do you not believe in the imminent discovery of the secret of the solar worlds? That is why I left my narrative structure, dummy, to clear you up. It is not the politicians who get things done around here, on Terra Encylopedica. Neither do the demons, nor the motor- bikers from hell. Not even the anarchists. The things are spun by the virtual whirlpools and by magnetic fields. Do you know what is a fifth degree utopia, dummy? Or maybe you’re a determined Euclidean fan? I, Magicien, can unveil for you the mystery of the worlds, not the one of the laws; they do not really exist, as they are nonsense”. That is how Magicien whispered in the ear of Azgozbanian Azgoban, the first physicist of Klemuria. Of course, the wise man rushed right to the Interpol, then to FBI and to United States where he made a complaint against Magicien, this fabulous figure who came out of a free and independent imagination. The American encyclopedists looked for Azgoban and invited him in a live TV show by WorldNet while ECOLON - the main electronic watcher taped everything that the cells of Azgoban whispered. His cells split with laughter during all the show, because it was only them that knew the terrible truth of all the worlds. And the truth is that poor bodies are nothing but huge containers in which the free states of the consciousness are transferred to lower energy levels so that they might be protected of the pressure of magnetic fields. The one who deals with such fascinating things and the way he actually does it, is a matter of galactic security. “I, Kumango, am the conductor of this cosmic ballet. Who am I? What do you mean “who am I?” I am your ringleader, you fool, I rule this bloody stellar barracks that you’re calling galaxy. That is it! Go to work earth people, look, the pressure is going down and the rollers are stopping! What do you mean which rollers? It is those things in which we chop all the meat of the moribund species to make meatballs out of it, for the feasts of the big guys of the Universe”. “Magicien? No, he is a jerk, a conjurer who wants to ease you of your purse. He is not an illusionist. He is the chef who will cook a pie ŕ la New York Encyclopedicus out of your flesh, you morons”.

Ovidiu Bufnila
03.08.2009, 15:19
"Play for us!" the revolutionist from Cape Horn shouted, inviting the red orchestra to get out of the rocket.
The coy players prepared their instruments. They took out their scores. They kind of forced a smile. They started playing. While doing so, they were visibly turning red.
"What's wrong with these guys?" one of the revolutionists wanted to find out, wiping his nose on the royal flag.
"They're from March, boss", an operetta revolutionist shouted, sticking out his chest and turning up his small eyes.
"Martians!" the Former Revolutionist laughed. "Too bad. If they were Stalinists, it would mean something." And saying these words he played ducks and drakes with the red orchestra players, sweeping them by a single laser ray.