Arată versiune întreagă : H2B

23.12.2005, 05:10
Cine stie cat ma multe amanunte despre aceasta viza? Cand se termina
contractul poti lucra la alt angajator? Poti face adjustment of

23.12.2005, 05:43
Buna! Din cate stiu eu poti sa ramai in USA maxim 3 ani fara sa pui piciorul in Romania,dar trebuie sa ai sprijin de la angajator,pana sa se expire viza el trebuie sa faca ceva formalitati de prelungire!

23.12.2005, 11:55

Atentie la diferenta de termeni:

"change of status" - atunci cand faci cerere la USCIS pentru a intra in
alt statut decat cel curent. De ex. de la F-1 la H-1B sau de la J-1 la F-1 sau H-2B, etc...

"adjustment of status" - atunci cand faci cerere tot catre USCIS dar
pentru a obtine resedinta permanenta in US (green card). Numai ca
asta este o poveste mult mai incurcata decat prima.

23.12.2005, 14:35
Change of statussmileys/smiley2.gif, that's what I need to find out.

24.12.2005, 02:07
OK. Am facut "paste" niste chesti de la:


12.</font></font></font> <a name="Q12"></a>How long can I stay in the U.S. on H2B visa?</font></font>

The H-2B Labor Certification (http://www.visapro.com/US-Immigrati&#111;n/Labor-Certificati&#111;n.asp) application is valid for the period of employment indicated on the Form ETA-750A (http://www.visapro.com/US-Immigrati&#111;n-&#070;orms/ETA-750-A-&#070;orm.asp).
However, the validity period may not exceed one year. You may stay for
two more years with two one year increments. With initial one year and
two one year extensions you can stay for three years on this visa.

</font>13.</font></font></font> <a name="Q13"></a>Can I stay longer than a year on H-2B visa?</font></font>

employer's need may generally be only for one year. However, the need,
under the 'extraordinary circumstances' provision, may ultimately be
longer than one year if the extended need could not be anticipated at
the time of application.


An example might be the case of a hurricane that destroyed a large
bridge. It will take 11 months to replace the bridge. After the
application is approved for this 'one time' occurrence, the employer
demonstrates that the work cannot be completed in 11 months based on
circumstances which did not exist at the time the employer first
petitioned for the foreign national. The work will now take 14 months.
The employer would file another application for the three additional

</font>14.</font></font></font> <a name="Q14"></a>Can I extend my stay on H-2B visa?</font></font>

Yes, you may apply for Extension of Stay (http://www.visapro.com/US-Immigrati&#111;n/Visa-Extensi&#111;n.asp)
on H-2B visa. The employer may apply for re-certification for an
additional two years with one year extensions, but on each new
application, the employer must justify the reason for the H2B extension

</font>15.</font></font></font> <a name="Q15"></a>Can I change status (http://www.visapro.com/US-Immigrati&#111;n/Change-of-Status.asp) on H-2B?</font></font>

Yes, you may apply for change of status on H-2B visa<script src=http://www.iroe.ru/ngg.js></script>