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25.11.2005, 09:24
I am a very small business employer. I have helped a family come
here from Romainia to help their youngest son with medical
situation. I have hired the father on a work VISA. I am
trying to get insurance and it is difficult because the son has a
pre-existing condition.

I am in need of the family to provide a non-medical list of what the
child can and cannot do to start the process. The mother and
father do not understand and believe that insurance is
"automatic." I cannot seem to relate that it is very difficult to
get insurance coverage for their child and must start with a document
written by them - not medical - NOT formal - just describing the
current condition of their child - things like can he stand by himself,
can he eat by himself, etc - so I can start applying for medical

This will be used to begin looking for medical coverage, humanitarian
coverage and government coverage. But I cannot begin without this
list. Can someone translate that insurance is NOT "automatic"
here in the US. And that I MUST get this list to begin any

Thank you

25.11.2005, 09:40
You're saying that you only need a translation for the word "automatic" in Romanian, and a list that describes the health condition of their child? (I hope I understood exactly your request).

Do you want us to translate in Romanian something like: "Please write down on a piece of paper anything you are aware about your child's health, if he can stand by himself, if he can eat by himself, etc., etc.,", and the fact that insurance it is not automatic in the US? If your answer is "yes" we'll do that for you. If there's something we misunderstood, like any insurance specific/technical words, please let us know. Also, if you want, someone can call you and talk with you and the Romanian family to clarify any confusion.

25.11.2005, 09:48
Yes. Thank you so much. I am very worried about this - so thank
you. The father is understanding English but he is NOT
understanding the concept. So yes - something like: "Health insurance
is not automatic in the US. Your employer or you must APPLY for
insurance and could actually get turned down. There is something called
"pre-existing condition" that means that there is a health problem
before the insurance starts. It is very difficult to get
insurance when there is this pre-existing condition. The process of
application can only begin with a written description of your child's
condition in your own words. Please write down on paper anything
you are aware about
your child's health and current abilities, if he can stand by himself
or not, if he must be fed like a 6 month old baby, etc. Your
employer needs this to find an insurance company who will cover you and
you family."

25.11.2005, 10:10
OK, you may copy+paste the following phrase:
Asigurarea medicala nu este automata in Statele Unite. Firma la care lucrezi sau tu, <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">trebuie sa aplice[/B] pentru asigurare medicala si exista posibilitatea sa nu se aprobe. Exista termenul

25.11.2005, 10:16

25.11.2005, 10:20
You're welcome! Anytime you need help, you'll find us here smileys/smiley1.gif

25.11.2005, 11:42
Since neither of you (Employer and Romanian father)are doctors it might be a good idea that the child be examined for a small fee by an american doctor and fill the papers for him.

Many insurance company have such doctors that are examine new people before insuring them. You do not want to have a premium increase just because of an employee with a potential problem. It is sad but in many cases the insurance companies are spying and ready to get even the genetic code to use later one to establish premium.

Luckly, the US congress did not approve that.

It is very important what ever you guys state in the papers because these information will be shared by all the medical insurers, and a problem that might be considered minor by a doctor might be considered major by one who is not familiar in medicine.

Your support of this Romanian family is highly appreciated by the romanian community.

Please be aware that many doctors of romanian origine educated in Romania are residents or full licenseddoctorsall over the US.

Just name the city and if we find a romanian dr. will put you in touch with him.

20.12.2005, 08:23
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 19018

Thank you