15.11.2005, 11:10
In the past, Buffalo processed all waived-interview cases to conclusion, and forwarded cases requiring interview to our offices in Seattle, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York. In order to make maximum use of our resources in the US visa office network, to ensure best possible service to clients and to clarify processing responsibilities, we are changing this system.

From 1 January 2006, all US visa offices, including Buffalo, will process a blend of routine and complex cases, conducting interviews and detailed investigations of their caseload as required.

For cases in all categories, all applications will be continue to be filed initially in Buffalo. Buffalo will create electronic and paper files, and initiate background checks concerning security and criminality screening. Cases will be transferred to the processing office within a few weeks of receipt, by priority courier. As in the past, Buffalo will advise the applicant or their representative of the transfer.

For Federal cases, distribution will be evenly shared out amongst all the visa offices, including Buffalo, depending on the volume of cases received and resources available in each office, and, to the extent possible, to an office that will be geographically convenient to the applicant. The objective will be to maintain similar processing times at all US offices.

For Provincial Nominee cases, to provide provinces with a single point of contact, cases will be distributed as follows:

*All British Columbia and Alberta Provincial Nominees: Seattle
*All Saskatchewan and Manitoba Provincial Nominees: Los Angeles
*All Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick Provincial Nominees: New York

Quebec Economic Cases will be evenly distributed between Detroit and Buffalo.